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Marketing Assets

Here you can download the .blog logo in different sizes and formats, or you can download a complete archive including all versions and color references by clicking on this link.


Digital Positive AI | EPS | JPG (large) | JPG (small) | PNG | SVG
Digital Reverse AI | EPS | PNG (large) | PNG (small) | SVG
Print Positive AI | EPS | PDF
Print Reverse AI | EPS | PDF


We also have an animated version of our logo:


You can download it here:

Feel free to download and use any of the files linked above to promote .blog on your website. By downloading any files linked from this page, you agree to:

  • Keep the logo colors unchanged.
  • Display the logo standalone, not in a sentence or phrase.
  • Use the complete logo, not its elements separately.
  • Place the logo on a solid background, not a pattern or complex image.
  • Conserve the logo proportions and integrity, without cropping, or altering its shape.
  • Keep the logo flat as it is, without drop shadows, glows, 3D or other effects.